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Bean Mixes Bean Varieties
Hillbilly Bean Soup Dark Red  Kidney  
Hillbilly Bean Chili Light Red Kidney  
No Bull Free Gas Beans White Kidney   
Trail Blazer Bean Mix Navy (white pea bean)  
Bermuda Salad Bean Mix Great White Northern  
Cowboy Beans Cranberry (Romano)  
Navy Bean & Barley Dutch Brown Bean  
Dry Soup Mix Yellow Eye Bean  
Chili Beans Small Red Mexican  
Quick Cook Mix Black Turtle  
Baked Bean Special Pinto Beans  
Lentils Pink Beans  
Red Lentils Adzuki Beans  
Green Lentils Large Lima Beans  
Peas Small Lima Beans  
Chick Pea Jumbo Peruvian Lima  
Marrow Fat Pea Soya Bean  
Green Split Pea Soldier Bean  
Yellow Split Pea  
Black Eyed Pea Barley  
Whole Green Peas Pearl Barley  
Whole Yellow Peas Pot Barley  

Bulk and packaged beans are readily available.
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